This was taken in Sasebo, Japan during our Divorce proceedings.

I really didn’t have much money, because this job as an English Coach & Tutor only paid me about $40 a week.

But I did it because it made me happy.

I am very easy going, brave, and joyful, I look at the bright side of everything, and I am always hopeful.

I was born and raised in the beautiful Caribbean Island of Puerto Rico. I have beautiful memories of my youth, playing by the sand, and by ocean waves.
My haven growing up was my Grandparents Store, called, El Colmado El Manantial. It was just 5 minutes from our home, and when I was finally allowed to walk to it on my own, I was always there. “Lucy clean this”, my grandfather used to ask, and I did it proudly, without complaints or a single eye roll. I loved that magical store. I loved the smell, the sounds, and spending time with my Grandma, who’s home was attached to the store. It was a big pretty corner home, with her garden surrounding the sides, and the front of it. There she taught me how to Crochet at 7 years old. She was not a happy old woman when I made mistakes, but she knew I wouldn’t give up, and I wouldn’t cry. We were both 2 tough cookies. Today I can make purses and even blankets if I wanted to. I would go in her little sowing room and watch t.v with her, and stare at her while she laughed at her Novelas. I miss them both so much. They where in my life from the moment I opened my eyes.

I talk to them daily.

I’m a Wedding Photographer, an Online College Student, and a mother of 4, pregnant with my 5th.

Today I am desperately looking for answers.

I will find a way.

I am not a Victim, I’m a SURVIVOR.

To those Single mother’s or those who’ve lost their children.



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